The thoughts of a woman trying to live simply yet abundantly, contentedly yet expectantly, wisely yet adventurously... all for His glory.

why I write

A woman trying to live simply yet abundantly, 
contentedly yet expectantly, 
wisely yet adventurously... 
all for His glory.

I love paradoxes because they bring together two opposing ideas for the purpose of illuminating a truth. I also love them because God often uses paradoxes. The first shall be last. To find your life you must lose it. 

I often think about what it means to live abundantly. I believe that true joy is not found in amassing things or experiences but rather in relationships with others and with God. I believe that being content does not mean being passive or apathetic, but rather living in hopeful anticipation, eyes wide open to see how God is working in a million little ways. I believe that walking with God is the most stunning adventure possible, and that He delights in surprises along the way.

I write because I believe that life should be lived thoughtfully, intentionally, and with reflection. Reflection presents a sort of mirror through which it is possible to glimpse the ways that God is shaping me to become more like Him. 

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