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to Haiti with love

I'm still processing the two weeks I spent in Haiti with Samaritan's Purse. Like all of creation Haiti contains both beauty and brokenness. At first glance you notice green rolling mountains and tropical blue water. Look again and you notice the mountains are crumbling due to severe erosion. Dotted in the midst of the hills and valleys are tarp-over-sticks "houses," many covered with bright blue Samaritan's Purse tarp. Brown streams empty the waste of city inhabitants directly into the ocean and you realize this is no pristine tropical paradise after all.

Yet the beauty is overwhelming, even in the midst of the remaining rubble and the barbed wire and broken glass.

The sunrise over the hills at the SP compound each morning never failed to make me catch my breath. I cherished the moments spent holding hands, singing, and praying with the clinic staff each morning before beginning our day's work. The sandwiches made with hot-pepper infused Haitian peanut butter for lunch warmed both my mouth and my spirit. Mangos are simply divine, they really are. The evening breeze coming in from the ocean seemed to gently blow peace into my heart. And I fell really and truly in love with 68 adorable children at an orphanage outside Leogane.

In a million ways I was reminded that God is a God of healing, rebuilding, and restoration. He came to bring wholeness to a broken world. He promises to make all things new and all things right.

I spent my time in Haiti working in the Cite Soleil clinic, holding orphans, dispensing medications in the pharmacy, losing Scrabble games, discussing issues of faith and social justice with new friends, and laying in a hammock listening to the waves and watching the stars come out. But most of all I spent my time in Haiti being reminded that God is enough.

Sunset from Jax Beach, Haiti

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