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fish lips

Continuing to blog about my time in Niger working with the Worldwide Fistula Fund.

Saturday (day 10): fish lips

After all the hullabaloo of riding camels yesterday, we had to say goodbye to part of our team as they left to fly back to the US. Our team is splitting up now, before our patients are fully healed, because we have to maximize space (and thus finances) on the small plane it takes to fly from Maradi back to Niamey, the capital of Niger. It also doesn't take as much manpower to care for our patients now that the surgeries are finished, so it makes sense to have a smaller team. Three nurses (including myself) remain, and Dr. Steve.

From L to R: Dr. Steve (surgeon), Alainie (RN), Sarah (RN), myself (RN), Ginger (RN), Dr. Lewis (surgeon), and Greg (anesthesiologist)
Although today is Saturday, those of us that are still here in Danja still have to work. After breakfast we head down to check on our ladies and do whatever nursing tasks need to be done for the day. But today is much more leisurely than last week and we spend more time playing with the kids than anything. 

So without any further ado let me introduce you to the phenomenon known as "fish lips." This is Sarah's brainchild and a great way to make people laugh, regardless of culture or language. 

Sarah (on the right) started it all!

Everyone in Niger that we've met loves having their picture taken, but all smiles disappear when you aim the camera (except Sharifa on the far left--I caught her off guard).

But little girls love to laugh, and when the crazy nurses start making fish lips of course they will join in!

Hauwa and Sharifa with varying levels of success... but trying really hard!

Me and Hauwa, two of the bestest fish-lippers you ever did see.


tea said...

Love the fish lip pictures! Those children are beautiful!

P31 Mom said...

Adorable:) It makes adults here in the USA smile too!

deb said...

Sending love and hope and abundant joy for the holiday season and beyond.

peace be with you.