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there is no 27B

The Danja team after a logistics meeting-- still on the ship in Togo at this point!

For a while I will have to blog day-by-day (internet access permitting) about Danja, Niger. So far my time here has been rich and full so I think you will enjoy some details! Unfortunately I can't currently upload pictures, but will keep trying. Let me try to bring you up to speed, starting with last Thursday, the day I left the ship for Niger.
Thursday (Day 1): there is no 27B

My time in Togo came to a bit of a whirlwind close as I worked my last few shifts and said goodbyes to lots of people, including my good friend Ben from home and my dear roommate Steph from Cambridge, England. 

The Danja team--Alainie, Ginger, Sarah and I--all piled in the Land Rover and proceeded to sit in traffic for a while before finally reaching the airport. Once aboard the plane, I discovered that according to my ticket I was meant to sit in seat 27B... but there was no 27B. Fortunately it was a misprint, but still I had to laugh at such a TIA (this is Africa) moment. 

Our flight from Lome to Niamey, Niger took just over an hour. Definitely not long enough for any of us to process all the goodbyes we’d said, the fact that we were finally going to Niger, or that our time in Togo was over. At the Niamey airport, we stood in lines called “police” and “health” which you might know as passport control and yellow fever card control. After we collected our bags, we had to once again put them through an xray scanner. The duffel bag packed with medical supplies sat in the xray machine for a while, but fortunately no one hassled us about it. 

We were picked up at the airport by the director of the Niger branch of SIM, who took us to a SIM guesthouse for the night. We had dinner with a lovely missionary couple who run the guesthouse, and also with another couple who had spent the last two months out at Danja working on building the new fistula hospital. 

As I settled in for the night I could hardly believe I was in Niger; everything seemed so surreal. It was so hot that I simply lay there sweating for a while, listening to the downpour on our corrugated roofing, before finally falling into a restless sleep.
Tomorrow: come fly with me (in a very small charter plane!)


tea said...

Sounds like an adventure! Loved your last post too! Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your experiences. :)

deb said...

a little squeal when I saw your name roll to the top
you are tucked in a little place in my heart.
I'm so happy for you in this you know.
thanks for the update.