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the road to Danja

This is the road to Danja.
(picture from Worldwide Fistula Fund)

This is the fistula hospital under construction in Danja, and I'm going to work there for two weeks in August.

The fistula hospital is being built following the red outline. (Picture from Worldwide Fistula Fund

Is your mouth hanging open like mine??

The VVF surgeon on board, Dr. Steve, is one of the surgeons behind the Worldwide Fistula Fund, and it's through this organization along with others that the hospital is being built.

Until the hospital is completed, surgeries will occur in other buildings on the compound. The compound also houses SIM missionaries and a leprosy clinic.

I'm so excited to see a different kind of Africa than I've experienced so far--the kind with sandstorms, camels, and turbaned nomadic peoples. But in researching it a little online, I've also found some tough news: Niger currently has the dubious distinction of being the least developed country in the world according to the Human Development Index.

A Nigerien VVF patient. (Picture from Worldwide Fistula Fund)

Please pray for me as I sort out the details of heading to Niger. I've booked a flight, but I also need a visa. Originally we thought that obtaining said visa required travel to Cotonou, Benin (where the ship was docked last year) because that is the closest Nigerien embassy. But we just found out there is a Nigerien Consulate here in Lomé (anyone know the difference between an embassy and a consulate?). So our passports are currently at the consulate, awaiting their official visas. I'm also praying that the return flight from Danja to Lo goes smoothly, as I will arrive back on the ship just a few days before the ship is due to sail for South Africa.

And now for a quick topic change. One of the things I love most about blogging is the fact that I can give whoever reads my blog a small glimpse into another corner of the world. I can tell stories of God's faithfulness, of what He is teaching me, and of the work He is always, always doing. So I just want to say a quick thank you to you all who take the time to read what I write and who pray faithfully for me and who encourage me in a million little ways.

We are all part of the grand redemptive work that God is scripting, whether or not you realize it. May you live your life Soli Deo Gloria-- for God's glory alone--wherever He has placed you, whether it be in Seattle or Rochester or Houston or Togo. Or Niger.


deb said...

I was thrilled to see the update. To feel your voice.
And how it is such dignified truth.

continued prayers always,
and I love that you've shared more of those beautiful smiles of yours !

lindsay said...

Thanks so much Deb! I am in awe of how God is taking me places I never even dreamed I'd go... such adventures to be had when following Him.

David C. said...

I do enjoy reading your blog Lindsey! Maybe you could find a volunteer to record and type your thoughts! We miss you up here in the cold MidWest but know you are doing God's work in the warm African continent. You are in my prayers.