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the short version

Last year I was so good at this blogging thing. Of course, last year I also only had one job, and I still had a job waiting for me back home too. This time around I have two jobs on board and I am unemployed and rootless back home. All of my belongings are boxed up and hopefully surviving the Houston summer heat and humidity in my parent's garage.

I've had on my closet door for months now an ever-expanding list of the things I need to blog about.

I am so hopelessly behind on my blogging that I'm reduced to catching you up on the last several months of big events in one fell swoop.

Meeting Ben at the airport
My good friend Ben from Minnesota came to work in the lab on the ship. He came bearing cards and even chocolate and music from our mutual Minnesota friends. It has been such a blessing to have someone on board who has known me for more than 6 months.

My blood is worthy of an A+
I was finally able to donate blood to a patient--one of my goals on board this year, since when I get home my blood will be blacklisted for a year or so due to my having been in a malaria-prone part of the world.

Upper Wli Falls, Ghana

I spent a glorious weekend in Ghana with some great girlfriends, hiking in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And by "hiking" I mean "rappelling down a steep hillside holding onto vines in a very Indiana Jones-esque way." It was glorious! And the waterfalls were amazing and totally worth all 6 hours, especially since I have a "thing" for waterfalls since an experience in Benin last year.

A tasty barracuda, teeth still intact! 
I returned to Benin for a weekend of laying poolside, playing frisbee on the beach with headlamps at night, and wading in the ocean while watching the stars and digging my fingers and toes into the sand looking for bioluminescent bacteria (which, by the way, are amazing little sparks!).

Our first VVF screening (see previous post) went so much better than I could ever have dreamed. We screened 66 women and scheduled exactly enough for the first four weeks of surgery--exactly what we needed. It's amazing how God provides!

Since then, we've finished those four weeks of surgery and are in the final two weeks. We've been able to bring on a second VVF surgeon due to a maxillo-facial surgeon being unable to come.  This past Monday we had our third and final screening, screening 51 women and scheduling 42 for surgery, once again filling perfectly our remaining surgical slots. God has wildly exceeded my expectations regarding screening, and He continues to do so each day that passes.

So there it is--the short version, minus the details. I can't promise that I'll have more time or emotional energy in the following weeks to do better at blogging, but know that I think of you all often.