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walking to beautiful

I'll be serving in a different role with Mercy Ships for this year's outreach in Togo. Last year in Benin I served as a ward nurse, taking care of patients before and after surgery.

But this year? This year I am in a new role, something altogether thrilling and terrifying all at once: VVF Specialty Care Co-Coordinator. Basically that's a fancy way of saying that my friend Maggie and I will work together to coordinate the VVF program, trying to keep things running smoothly. Maggie and I will be some of the first people these women meet as they come seeking hope and healing, and we'll walk with them through the peaks and valleys of their time in the hospital.

I love each and every one of these women--they are so incredibly strong and beautiful and I learn so much from them, things both simple and profound. See some of my previous blog posts to learn more about VVF and some of the joys and heartaches that come with working in VVF.

And I highly, highly recommend watching a documentary called A Walk to Beautiful that you can watch entirely for free online. Filmed in Ethiopia, "A Walk to Beautiful" follows several women suffering from VVF as they journey from their remote homes towards a VVF clinic, searching for hope and healing.
(Gnuipanga, a VVF patient last year in Benin, just before a dress ceremony--photo by Mercy Ships communications team)

More than anything I can ever say in this blog, this documentary paints a perfect picture of why I am so honored to work with these women.


Jenn said...

Thank you for updating us. I will be praying for your work. I saw Walk to Beautiful about a month ago, and was so moved. I wrote about it on my blog:

Someone commented that I should check out your blog as you are working with these precious women. God bless!

Lisa said...

WOW! Again I am continuing to pray especially as the Lord is leading you in your new path this year! God richly bless you and all the women whom you will have the honor of meeting on your path this year. Love and Blessings ;=o)

deb said...

Congratulations on the new role, Lindsay. I know you will do an incredible job.

I will watch this video , thank you for the link.
The woman in the photo radiates. Just radiates, and how extraordinary that you are such an important part in that.

Anonymous said...


I am writing on behalf of Engel Entertainment. If you haven't seen the longer, unaired version of A Walk to Beautiful please check out our website. There is more to the story and also DVD info. Thanks for the interest and spreading the word on this important topic.