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en route (one day in Paris, and a quick stop in Barcelona)

Continuing my journey from Houston to meet the Africa Mercy in Tenerife, I spent one day in Paris. Last time I was in Paris (on my way home from Benin) I was ecstatically overjoyed at every little thing. This time I enjoyed Paris with a quieter joy, content to simply wander and take pictures. A few of my favorite pictures are below for your viewing pleasure.

No grand stories this time of my day in Paris, other than it was bitterly cold. I managed to stop my teeth from chattering long enough for a quick picture while on Pont Neuf.

I managed to capture in a picture some light breaking through the clouds over Paris, 
the light as always a reminder to me that God has already defeated the darkness

I once again sought a few moments of rest in Notre Dame, 
which drew my eyes toward the heavens and my heart toward God.

I found my way to the iconic Arc De Triomphe which from all accounts is simply stunning at night. Since I had no intentions of wandering around Paris after dark my myself, I was content to visit during the day.

My last stop for the day was the tallest point in Paris, Montmartre (the Hill of Martyrs), where the Sacre-Coeur watches over Paris. I enjoyed the contrast between the sacredness of the cathedral and the marketplace worldliness just below the cathedral. The street below was filled with people visiting shops and restaurants or taking a quick spin on a vintage carousel.

From Paris I flew to Barcelona for a quick layover before boarding a plane for my last flight of the journey into Tenerife. I wish I'd had a day in Barcelona to wander around and soak up the sun, but then again I hardly speak a word of Spanish so perhaps it's better this way. As it was, the sun streaming in the terminal windows was a nice respite from the cramped, dim plane rides.

I'm currently sailing on the ship from Tenerife towards Togo... using the computer can make seasickness worse (depends on the person) but I hope to post some pictures from Tenerife soon. And I'm still hoping for dolphins and whales and flying fish... none so far, but I did glimpse a sea turtle coming up for air in the 30 seconds I ducked outside for my own breath of air today.


Kelly Langner Sauer said...

wow - you have some gorgeous photos here - thanks for sharing - and for visiting my place so I could stop by and see!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures, Roo!! Happy sailing!!

lindsay said...

thanks ladies!

Rachel said...

Linds, I LOVE the light breaking through over the city! Hope that you are staying on your feet and in your bed while you sail, and are able to see some marine life. love you!

deb said...

Catching up here,
such incredible pictures.
I was getting a little nauseous just reading about your adventure....

blessings to you Lindsay