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to sail, or not to sail... that is the question!

I'd hoped to post some of my Paris pictures before this, but those will have to wait (along with pictures of lovely Tenerife!)

Today the ship is scheduled to sail, but whether or not that will happen is unknown. We've had some bad weather come in and the skies are dark and ominous. The captain already anticipated some rough days at sea, but leaving right in the middle of bad weather would just add to that.

(Africa Mercy docked in Tenerife... before the bad weather came in.)

Welcome to life on a ship... and welcome to life in missions. Flexibility is absolutely key. Although "TIA" (This is Africa) technically that doesn't apply yet, it's the same kind of feeling.

We've all prepared for the rolling and heaving in store for us by tying everything down, locking things in cupboards, and wedging the rest tightly into nooks and crannies so it won't slide all over the floor. Something is bound to break loose, though, and either smash into a million pieces or simply make an incredible racket.

We've all stocked up on anti-nausea meds, hoping to not need them but preparing for the worst.

All of us on the ship would appreciate prayers for:

*wisdom for the captain in knowing whether or not to start sailing today or wait for better weather
*for the engines to run smoothly without problems
*for health and strong stomachs for us all-- seasickness affects everyone differently, and to varying degrees
*for beautiful weather on the sail!

When the ship sailed from Benin to Tenerife at the end of the last outreach (I'd already gone home to the States), people had lots of pictures and stories of dolphins, flying fish, water spouts, beautifully starry night skies, and glorious sunsets over the open ocean. I'm hopeful for my share of those blessings this sail!

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Michelle said...

Will pray dear cyber friend:) May God make His face shine upon thee!