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soli deo gloria

I don't make New Year's resolutions. When I was younger I thought everyone made resolutions, so I did too. But I never once looked back at what I had resolved to do and each year slipped quietly away without any progress in those areas.

Instead of resolutions, this year I've picked one phrase to serve as a reminder of why I have chosen to walk the paths I'm walking. To bring me back, as often as necessary, to the simple truth that it's not about me:
Soli Deo Gloria. 

It's an ancient Latin phrase meaning "glory to God alone ."

I won a giveaway at a beautiful blog called Bliss last summer. As a general rule I never ever win anything, so needless to say I was thrilled. I was additionally pleased to learn that I'd won a gift certificate for some lovely jewelry created by Lisa Leonard. (Just needed to give a little credit where credit is due to both of those ladies!)

Anyway, the point is this: I used my gift certificate to order a piece of jewelry that I would never otherwise have bought, and in a moment of genius had it inscribed "soli deo gloria."

My hope is that each time I put it on, I'll be reminded that everything in my life--particularly this year as I return to West Africa to serve as a nurse--is meant to bring glory to God alone.

So far, the necklace is serving its purpose. As I packed up all my belongings and said goodbyes to dear friends in Minnesota, the soft clink of the pendant around my neck whispered it is worth it--all the work, all the pain, all the uprooting. It is worth it. Go where God calls.

As I shed silent, bitter tears at the reality of the losses I'm experiencing (and causing to those dear to me, which is even worse), God spoke to my heart, saying I am worth it. I am with you. You are not alone.

One of my hopes for this year is that God would teach me that He is enough, and that I would learn more and more to live a life that brings glory to Him. Sounds grand, I know, but God has whispered this idea to my heart and I want to listen to His promptings.

Will you walk with me in this? I'll need your gentle reminders from time to time... this is such a learning process.

And if you would like to share, I would love to know your hopes for the new year--maybe you have chosen one word to hold on to, a phrase to live by, or resolutions to strive for.


tea said...

What a wonderful post! And a wonderful goal for the coming year! It's so inspiring to be able to follow along as you listen to God's call. Thank you for sharing your heart!!

May the new year be a blessed one for you!

deb said...

Wow to you.
I am looking forward to following you, and being inspired.
You sound so at peace. Wishing you everything you could have dreamed and more, Lindsay.
Oh and, for the New Year, I think I am holding Faith dear to my heart.
I 've come to realize that so much is done outside or beyond my time frame. I believe there is a plan of joy greater than I know.

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Solo De Gloria...

The truth project:)))) and that stuck for me always...
To Honor God, I was signing that after every post when I first heard it... I think is very much still stands:)

I adore that you have this expression here and work to live it!