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Lord willing, this is the plan

Here's the proposed plan and timeline so that people who are interested know what's going on in my life... and to give some advance warning that I might be a little discombobulated during all this!

Dec. 11th: start the drive from Rochester to Houston (so thankful that Eva and Chinwe are coming along!)
Dec. 12th: arrive in Houston
Dec. 16th-22nd: fly to Seattle to see both sides of my extended family
Dec. sometime after Christmas: drive to Nashville to see Marshall
Jan. 13th: fly to Rochester for Rachel's wedding (I'm singing in the wedding, too!)
Jan. 17th: fly back to Houston to spend one last week with family
Jan. 24th: fly to meet the Africa Mercy in Tenerife, spending one night in Paris on the way
Jan. 26th: back on the Africa Mercy!
Jan. 31st or so: begin to sail to Togo


tea said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot coming up. I hope it all goes very peacefully for you and that you enjoy your time with family. :)

Michelle said...

You are certainly keeping yourself busy:) I hope your holidays are full of faith, family, and friends.

Merry Christmas:)

deb said...

What a treat, seeing these posts today. That is a lot of travel! It must be difficult to process all of this, and to try to put words to it, especially in the moment of.
Your posts from the Mercy Ships will no doubt contain the changes and growth and revelations from this time. Looking forward to you sharing.

Stay safe, enjoy a wonderful holiday of family and friends.

Michelle said...

Hi Lindsay,

I wanted to send some $$ support to you but the link you have on the side is not secure. Is there another way to donate?