The thoughts of a woman trying to live simply yet abundantly, contentedly yet expectantly, wisely yet adventurously... all for His glory.




Pandora radio: free

prayer cards with envelopes: $25

stamps: $45

ink cartridges and computer paper: thank you Mom and Dad

2 full days of writing, folding, sealing envelopes: about 16 hours that I will never get back

writer's cramps: included free with all of the above at no extra charge

88 support letters finally, finally in the mail:  PRICELESS.

Linked to the Gratitude Community over at Holy Experience... as we recount the multitude of gifts that the Lord showers down.


Lord willing, this is the plan

Here's the proposed plan and timeline so that people who are interested know what's going on in my life... and to give some advance warning that I might be a little discombobulated during all this!

Dec. 11th: start the drive from Rochester to Houston (so thankful that Eva and Chinwe are coming along!)
Dec. 12th: arrive in Houston
Dec. 16th-22nd: fly to Seattle to see both sides of my extended family
Dec. sometime after Christmas: drive to Nashville to see Marshall
Jan. 13th: fly to Rochester for Rachel's wedding (I'm singing in the wedding, too!)
Jan. 17th: fly back to Houston to spend one last week with family
Jan. 24th: fly to meet the Africa Mercy in Tenerife, spending one night in Paris on the way
Jan. 26th: back on the Africa Mercy!
Jan. 31st or so: begin to sail to Togo


first snow

It's snowed all day today, small crystals that have only just barely managed to cover the grass. It looks beautiful, but I still feel chilled.
My apologies for being absent for a while. When I first began to blog, I promised myself that I would only blog if I considered my thoughts "worthy of public consumption." And frankly, I have been challenged to write anything worthwhile while I am here at home... it is so much easier to come up with things to write about when I am on the Africa Mercy.

Brief update: I spent Thanksgiving weekend packing up my belongings and last Monday the moving company came and hauled it all away, excepting a few clothes and my ancient computer. On Tuesday I ordered a laptop, my first ever. Having a laptop will be such a blessing when I am back to living on the ship, and of course I am thrilled to give my 8-year-old, virus-infested desktop a kick to the curb.
But today I have been (emotionally and mentally) frozen, wandering around the house in a sort of twilight. My eyes keep returning to the empty place where my coffee table used to sit. My vintage bookcase is missing too, as are the few books that I keep because they have been formative in my life.

My mind is immobile, caught by the snare of "shoulds" and "must-do's" on my mental list.

And time stretches thinly in front of me: seven days. In just a week I will get in the car and drive south, towards warmer climes and my family, but leaving behind friends I love and a place that has been home for three years.

In my joy of coming home to Minnesota I somehow managed to forget that this is no longer home, and that I would be saying another round of goodbyes all too soon.

But I'll be happy to bid goodbye to the snow, and hello to my parents in Houston.

(I wrote this last Thursday and neglected to post it... so I am posting it now, as is.)