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my blessings overflow

This past week saw me saying au revoir to friends aboard the Africa Mercy, bonjour to lovely Paris, and je suis la! (I am here!) to my friends as they welcomed me home at the airport.

All in all I am thankful for more things than I can count this past week, but I will at least list the highlights.

24:: Debs, who graciously sewed my duffel bag together in not one, but three(!) places after I discovered holes just moments before I was meant to leave for the airport to fly home

25:: safety pins to reinforce Deb's sewing, and packing tape around the entire duffel bag for added peace of mind

26:: additional packing tape at the hostel in Paris, where I discovered yet another rip in the duffel (oh I wish I had a picture to show you!)

27:: the previously mentioned stitched-pinned-taped duffel bag did NOT explode while in transit home. (Did I mention that I also frequently prayed for this duffel to arrive intact?!)

28:: a free walking tour of all the highlights of Paris

29:: the Paris metro

30:: the Eiffel Tower at night

31:: dear friends meeting me at the airport at home

32:: hugs that left me breathless

33:: my fabulously comfortable bed

34:: glorious fall days just right for a sweater and a scarf

35:: my favorite Stella Mare gardenia candle (a little whiff of heaven)

36:: my houseplants thriving in a sunny windowsill

37:: Paris Romance tea (how fitting!), Earl Grey, chai, and other favorite loose leaf teas

38:: celebrating with friends for Chris' birthday--lots of games and food

39:: freshly mulled apple cider

40:: friends who have asked me about my time in Benin, who listen, who sense the joy in my eyes and voice, and who make me promise to have an open house so I can show pictures and tell stories

41:: friends who mention that they have been reading my blog (so encouraging!)

42:: Eva, who came home early from the cities just so she could see me and give me the. longest. hug. ever.

43:: puttering around the house and chatting with Rachel

44:: Ron offering me an entire SNL night (church young adults' group) to talk about my experiences with Mercy Ships

45:: time to finally reply to comments on my blog from friends old and new

God's gifts are incredibly, overwhelmingly abundant. Please add your voice to the gratitude community found at Holy Experience.

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My Bright Corner said...

Sweet! Welcome home to America! I'm so glad that you found my blog and I subsequently found your blog! My brother arrived home from Africa, as well, on Friday. He went through London instead of Paris.

Michelle said...

I think I should have added your blog to my gratitude list this week:) What a blessing to find. Thank you for sharing your list.


Tea said...

What a beautiful post! I'm so glad you (and your duffel) had a safe trip home! :)

I have a gift for you over at my blog! Stop by when you get a chance. :)

Carol said...

So glad to see you are home safe, and God is blessing you with sweet reunions.