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Monday morning sunshine

Continuing to list the many gifts that God lavishes so abundantly...

46) bonfires with friends
47) quiet misty mornings
48) bald eagles
49) high ropes courses, challenging both mind and body

(Photo by Amanda Martin)
50) friends who challenge and encourage

(Photo by Amanda Martin)
51) heated floors in the cabin
52) playing Ticket to Ride with friends
53) cold, clear nights perfect for looking at the stars
54) scraping my windshield for the first time in a long time
55) celebrating Rachel's upcoming marriage with friends at her bridal shower
56) game night with old friends... up waaay too late, but we successfully saved the world
57) homemade waffles this morning
58) Monday morning sunshine
59) a quiet house--doubly precious after all my time surrounded by people and noise aboard the Africa Mercy
60) friends who ask questions and really listen to my answers about my time with Mercy Ships
61) being able to speak at Salt and Light church group last week about what God has been doing in my life
62) looking into a week filled with time to figure out details, fresh chances to reconnect with friends, and time to just be present.
63) being underinsured(!)--I was able to receive a vaccine I needed for $12 (usually $200). Thank you Lord for federal grant money!

When you begin looking for the gifts that God gives, you realize just how graciously he gives: beauty, light, warmth, relationships, fresh air, practical provisions.

I challenge you to begin seeing your world through grateful eyes. Awaken wide-eyed with wonder to every little gift. Feel free to join with me in the gratitude community at Holy Experience.

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Tea said...

Love reading through your lists!

Whoa! The high rope thing looks like it could be fun and a bit scary :)

My Bright Corner said...

Love your list!

Heather of S-A-M said...

Love the List!

Happy Gratitude Scribblings!

Meliss said...

Nice list. I think we should be friends. I've been longing to go with Mercy Ships...

cristie said...

so so much to be thankful for. nice list. xox

Michelle said...

I didn't have time to blog my list this week but I really enjoyed reading yours:)

Time alone can be so refreshing, can't it?


johnmcgeough said...

What a beautiful list... when I first started this I think I started looking for the grand things. They are there of course but not in the same way the more common gifts we dont think about are there... Bless you.

beth said...

I would love to do a high ropes's on my list of things to do !!

and liked scraping your windshield ? I will cringe and fall into a deep dark hole when I have to do that the first time this year....I'm an outside NUT...but, thank you !