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at the setting of the sun

I sat in the dining room yesterday evening watching the sun slide into the waters of the Port du Peche. It's strange to be able to number the times I will be able to do this on one hand.

I fly out of Benin on Wednesday, stopping for 24 hours in Paris before arriving in frozen and wintry Rochester on Friday evening.

Goodbyes are gloomy affairs, especially when I consider the indisputable fact that I will never see some of these people again, at least not in this life. And "let's keep in touch" is at times simply a well-intentioned euphemism for "I hope you have a nice life."

I was reminded by Maggie that the goodbyes are worth it. I'll take the small pain of saying goodbye to someone lovely over the rather large loss of never having known that person.

Even as I prepare to say goodbye to some very dear friends, I am also thrilled beyond words to be going home both to friends close enough to be family and also my "real" family. Knowing that there will be a group of people waiting with open arms at the Rochester airport makes it so much easier to leave behind people I care about here.

Of course, it also helps to know that I will be back on the Africa Mercy in late January, sailing from Tenerife to Togo for the outreach and then sailing down to South Africa. Which, incidentally, requires sailing across the equator and around the Cape of Good Hope--how amazing is that?!

Want to meet me at the airport? I get into Rochester at about 6.30 pm this Friday, November 6th. I imagine my first order of business will be to head home to sleep (in my own bed!), but I would love to see you regardless.

I wonder, when I open my bags at home to unpack, will they smell of Africa?


Sarah said...

Oh Roo, your question of will your bags smell of Africa brought tears to my eyes. I am tickled pink at how this whole adventure turned out, carrying you off to Africa, not just for the original plan, but for for an extended stay. My heart is happy.

Tea said...

I hope your last few days go well and that your trip back is a pleasant one. :)

....When we came back from Ethiopia after adopting our son, we had a few small baskets we had bought at the market tied up in a plastic bag. We've left them in that bag and are planning to get them out in a few years when our son is older. But recently I got them out just to look at them and they did smell just like Ethiopia! It was amazing! :)

Chinwe said...


Carol said...

God wonderful that you have shared His mercy in your life with us on your blog. Thanks for being His hands/feet in Africa.

P.S. Hug Maggie twice, once to say good bye and once for her mom!!


lindsay said...

Thank you all for the well wishes! I have partially unpacked, and my things do smell a little bit of Benin. Especially the things I brought home as souvenirs and gifts!

And Carol, you would be so proud of Maggie... she willingly hugged me multiple times. I had a thoroughly sweet send-off from her! (And I told her that one of the hugs was from you!)