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a warm welcome!

Since I've noticed that some new folks are reading my reflections, I thought I might just take a moment to say hello and introduce myself a little.

My name is Lindsay, and I'm so glad to meet you! I'm a nurse currently working with Mercy Ships on the Africa Mercy, a floating hospital ship currently docked in Benin, West Africa. Before I coming to Mercy Ships I worked at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for three years.

I believe that reflecting on what's going on in your life--especially on what God is doing--is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth. My blog is a place to share what I learn as I seek to follow God's leading and where I can dialogue with you on your own journey. And now that I am (temporarily) living overseas, the blog is also a place for me to share stories and pictures from West Africa... and process the joys and challenges that come along the way.

I'd love to get to know you, too--feel free to introduce yourself below, perhaps by answering one (or all!) of the following questions:

What do you do for a living?
What's been most on your mind recently?
Where would you most like to travel to, and why?

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Eva Joy said...

Hi, my name is Eva Joy.

I am a nurse.

Lately I have been thinking about: 1)getting in a small group (check!), 2)becoming a member at Bethlehem (in process), 3)getting ready for my roommate to move in and 4)how much I miss you.

I would like to travel to Benin in West Africa. One of my friends is living there at the moment and I miss her terribly.

Tea said...

Hi, I just recently started reading your blog. Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

I'm a homemaker. One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is trying to come up with an idea for a novel writing challenge I entered a few days ago.

There are lots of places I would love to travel to... Europe - all the sights, with a special stop in Ireland and at the Sistine Chapel, New Zealand and Hawaii - beautiful, Israel - to see the places that Jesus lived and did his ministry, and Ethiopia - to re-visit the country of my son's birth and hopefully someday adopt again!

Lisa Wood said...

Greetings and hello everyone. Lindsay you already left your footprints on my blog of which I am very grateful and thank you for letting us in on where you currently are and what you do. It sounds amazing to truly 'live out' a life of service. However I bet if we all take a moment,at some level I bet we all serve somehow throughout the day.
I recently became a writer for a small newspaper both a hard journalist and a positional piece so that has been challenging and learning how to prioritize healing time as well.
Thank God for photography and NOT know where I would be without either even though I just started both in January of this year...
so yes I am very passionate about continuing to let the wealthy population know that homelessness is not contagious and is not reserved to drug addicts and 'bums' that is what has been both on my mind and in my heart...the bigger picture as it were.
Thank you for letting me take up so much space...hope that is alright...

lindsay said...

Welcome to Eva, Tea, Lisa... and whoever else might be reading! Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

I look forward to continuing our conversations!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Been reading your blog (albeit secretly) for about a year now. I am so proud of you, and proud to say I knew you when...

Anonymous said...

Hiya, my name is Rachel and I am a nurse. I am very recently contemplating the fact that all my scrubs seem to be locked in my washer and wondering what will happen with that. I probably could wear my roommate's since she's not here right now, which makes me remember that I'll get to see her soon and that makes me VERY excited and that I should probably move all the wedding stuff out of her room.
Also thinking about the fact that God often teaches me things through my relationship with my fiance and realizing how uncomfortable (but growth producing) it is for me to be challenged in both of those relationships at the same time. Also been thinking lots about grace. =)
I actually don't have a specific place I want to travel to ... just as long as I'm visiting or traveling with people that I love.

lindsay said...

Kaye--wow, good to hear from you! Hope you and Bryan are both doing well, and that your little one is too (don't remember the name, sorry). Had no idea you had been reading my blog, but I am glad you said hello! Hope things are well for you!

Rachel--feel free to wear scrubs if you need to, although there might be some with the tags still on them which I might try to return since I won't need them here... or I might just keep them. But anything without tags is fine. And it's just over two weeks before you have to move the wedding stuff out of my room, and before I see you (hopefully at the airport?) :)

beth said...

thanks for stopping by and warming my heart with such kind words !

you are an amazing person, doing an amazing job, working with amazing people and I applaud you for that !!

I would love to work in a foreign country someday...helping those that need it....

Michelle said...

Hi Lindsay,

I have enjoyed your blog so much and it has made me so much more thankful.

A little about me.

I'm a stay-at-home Mom to 7 precious kids, 3 of whom I just recently adopted from foster care. Our home is out of room, so we can't do foster care anymore.

We homeschool our brood and it is such a joy to see our kids having the freedom to be who they are without fear, growing in God's grace and teaching them to live a selfless life for Christ.

I would love to visit the holy land if I could. I would love to walk the lands that my Savior walked and see the places that he visited and healed in.

I would love to take some mission trips to Africa, South America, or maybe some of the Russia area (just heard an evangelist who goes to Russia and the surrounding countries also).

lindsay said...

Michelle, welcome and thanks for saying hello! I really admire your willingness to follow the Lord's leading in fostering and adopting kids. I imagine there are hills and valleys, but when we follow where God leads us, there's always grace sufficient for each moment.

I hope you one day get the chance to visit Israel, and also take some missions trips. Depending on how old your kids are, that can be a fun thing to do as a family too--and a great way to practically teach your kids about living selflessly for Christ. Of course, you don't have to go overseas to have opportunities to practice that, either!

Anyway, nice to meet you, and look forward to getting to know you more!