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the meaning behind the title

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My blog title, "The Art of Reflection," originally comes from this thoughtful quote by Saumel Taylor Coleridge:

There is one art of which every man should be a master--the art of reflection.--If you are not a thinking man, to what purpose are you a man at all?
Of course, this is true for women as well!

What does it mean to reflect? It simply means to think. Wrestle. Process. Wonder. Feel deeply. Be inspired. Learn. Grow.

Being a thoughtful, reflective person is an essential part of growing personally, spiritually, emotionally, relationally... you name it. One of my hopes is to live as authentically and purposefully as possible. I think that's only doable when I am able to pause and reflect on what happens, what my heart says, what God whispers.

"The Art of Reflection" is also a reminder that as Christians we are created Imago Dei, in the image of God. I am to reflect Christ to those around me. I blog to share what I am learning, thinking, and praying about... I hope as a visible 'image' of how God is at work in my life. I invite you to share in the conversation (I always enjoy reading your comments), and join with me on the journey!

Please share your thoughts as well. In the last week, what have you found yourself reflecting on most often?


Tea said...

You have a good title. Reflection is important. Sometimes I feel like I reflect a little too much... Or maybe that's not really reflection, maybe it's just having trouble letting go of the past. Anyway, I do hope to become better at reflecting Jesus to those around me.

lindsay said...

Tea: thanks for your thoughts! Sometimes it's hard to think about past things without dwelling too long on them, I agree. My aim is always to simply be aware of how in both the past and present God is working in me and in the world around me.

deb said...

What wise intention. And I reflect and ponder and talk to myself and feel too deeply. But I wouldn't change it .