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holy experience

Continuing a thread from last week, I am listing things I am thankful for. Want to join? Head over to Ann Voskamp's lovely blog, and be part of the conversation.

6:: a perfect cup of Earl Grey tea with a splash of milk and a hint of honey
7:: competing solidly on team "Lok and Keys" at the Benin Games (the Mercy Ships version of the Olympic Games)

(Lok is in the middle surrounded by the Keys; photo by Mariechen)

8:: iced bissap, also known as hibiscus tea
9:: a gorgeously sunny day at Bab's Dock yesterday... water volleyball, water frisbee, swimming, napping in the sun
10:: everyone who supports and partners with me so I can serve with Mercy Ships--I made a list today in order to write thank you notes, and it is a very long list!
11:: knowing I am headed back to Minnesota to see friends in about two weeks
12:: knowing I am headed to Houston in December to spend the Christmas season with my parents
13:: knowing I will also fly to Seattle to see extended family and friends over Christmas
14:: knowing I am coming back to Mercy Ships in January for the outreach in Togo

What one thing are you most thankful for as you begin a fresh week today?


deb said...

Wishing you safe travels.. sounds like you are always doing it!
Blessings to you in this life of yours... what a kind and beautiful journey

slinger301 said...

I'm thankful for the respite brought by a small cat's (mostly) unconditional affection.

And the peace and spiritual fire brought by the CCC gospel choir and band.

lindsay said...

Looking forward to some affection from "the chaos" when I get home, slinger!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

This makes me cry -- happiest of tears!
THANK YOU - I am thankful for YOU!
For the privilege of praising with you...

Keep shining Jesus!

All's grace,