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I've journaled for years, and while some of my writing has been about things I am thankful for, I have never actually listed my blessings. I may or may not be consistent in this weekly exercise, but I have so many things I am thankful for that I just have to start listing!

1. My loving, supportive parents. What would I do without you? Even when I choose paths that increase the physical distance between us, and literally guarantee that I won't see you for birthdays and Mother's or Father's Day, you are able to say "we love you. Go where God leads."

2. The amazing library on board ship. From a great Christian fiction section to newly-discovered nonfiction gems like The End of Poverty by Jeffery Sachs, it has all I need to keep my little bookworm-heart happy.

3. I live in an age of technology... so that while I may be in Benin, I am able to keep in touch via phone, email, and internet with friends and family. I think I might have jumped ship before now if I hadn't been able to cope in this way!

4. The faithfulness of dear friends who keep in touch, sending emails longer than my arm and pretty postcards that made them think of me. And nameless friends who will dress up in pinata and fox suits, lugging guitars and accordions to busy street corners in town, just to create photos that will make me laugh (*cough*Eva*cough*Chinwe*). And my dear "landlady" Rachel, who sends me sweet stories of "our" house and opens bills and deposits checks for me while I am away from home. And Ang, who sends me pretty little baubles just because.

5. The warm, sweet smell of freshly laundered clothing.

I could keep going, but said laundry needs to be promptly removed from the dryer...

What are you most thankful for right now, at this moment?


Chinwe said... mama's cooking,
...lovely books, job,
...friends to laugh with,
...beautiful music,
...seeing the seasons change,
...and so much more.


lindsay said...

Mmm... I could use some of my mama's cooking too!

Any particular books or music that you had in mind?

Sarah Blanshan said...

I'm doing the "1000 gifts" thing too! I found my way back to your blog after a long hiatus. Love catching up from far away!

deb said...

Welcoming you to the gratitude community.
Have a blessed week, and looking forward to getting to "know" you more .

mom2six said...

You will be amazed how quickly the list grows as you count your blessings.

Lisa Wood said...

My blog..and the ability to process the way MY GOD has given me to process...through my photography and my paintings. Thank you Jesus for my amazing life in YOU today :=o)
Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your footprints on my's always good to see people say hello ;=o)

Chinwe said...

I just read Gilead again and it's simply lovely. I love the way the main character sees God and the world. I love his "voice" and the way he loves his family.

I just bought a CD by Alexi Murdoch. Great voice, sweet acoustic guitar and wonderful lyrics - what more can one ask for? :)

lindsay said...

@Deb, @mom2six, and @Lisa: thanks for the lovely comments, and for giving me a chance to see what you are each thankful for. Looking forward to continuing to listing my blessings with you all!

lindsay said...

@Chinwe: I need to borrow the CD from you when I come home... and probably just invest in the book. Ok, well probably should invest in the CD too. :)

I am still loving Phil Wickham's music--thanks for the introduction!

Trish said...

Welcome to the community.

What a great list. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Chinwe said...

You're very welcome!

lindsay said...

@Trish: thanks for the welcome! I appreciate your taking the time to come over and say hello. I took a quick look at your blog as well, and really appreciated your post about slowing down... unfortunately I was not able to leave a comment there (I have finicky bandwidth at times, so that might be the cause). Anyway, I look forward to conversing with you on the journey!