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welcome home

On the ship, you end up saying more goodbyes in a month than you usually do in a year or two of regular life. Saying goodbye comes with the territory when people come to serve for just a couple months. Sometimes I will spend multiple evenings a week out on the dock, passing out hugs and well-wishes and waving as the Land Rovers carry friends and coworkers away to the airport.

Each time I wonder how it will feel when my time comes to leave. (I have five weeks to prepare for that eventuality.)

Goodbyes are hard, even though I have only known some of these folks for two months. But when you eat and work and play and cry and talk life with people--which is otherwise known as "living in community"--you can become quickly attached to people you have only known for a month or two.

It's good to remember that for most people, I am not really saying au revoir (goodbye). Rather, I am saying tout à l'heure (see you soon). Because even if I never end up being able to visit South Africa or New Zealand or Australia or Norway or Switzerland or England to see these friends again, I will in fact see them again... and what a grand reunion that will be!

It's also good that every now and then I don't have to say goodbye, but instead I get to say bon arriver! Because that's what you get to say when friends like Maggie come back to the Africa Mercy.

Welcome home.


Sarah said...

Ooo, Roo! This made me smile! Love this!!!

Maggie said...

thanks linds this makes me feel loved.... i'm glad to be back. i am so thankful our paths have crossed twice in one year

Tea said...

I love Mercy Ships! I've never served on the ship, but I love the work you all do. I'm so glad I came across your blog! :)