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uncharted waters

I ought to be sleeping before tomorrow's early morning shift. Instead, I am wide wake and pondering the fact that I was supposed to arrive back in Rochester, MN, tonight. Since I extended my time here in Benin, I will instead return in November, just in time for a bitterly cold MN winter. (I timed that well, didn't I?)

It's strange to sit here as the ship sways gently back and forth, thinking about the changes the last three and a half months have wrought in my life.

I never imagined when I signed up for Mercy Ships that I would end up staying nearly six months. Six months! It seems such a long time and yet it is slipping away so quickly.

I did not know that I would cut myself adrift from Mayo without a plan in place for what to do next.

I never dreamed that my options for next year would include the following: moving to the Austin, TX, area to be closer to family, or travel nursing somewhere in the US, or heading to Togo on the Africa Mercy.

I love how God's plans for me are always grander than what I dream for myself.

From here on out, the waters are uncharted.


Sarah said...

Hooray for uncharted waters!!! I can't wait to see where you end up. Enjoy two more glorious months!

Maggie said...

that day after you were supposed to leave is strange feeling i remember that, but how cool is it to know that you are where God has you at this moment no matter what the future moments may hold

Amanda said...

I will be praying for you as you seek out a path to travel on... and if you would like to talk with me about travel nursing, let me know!

Marsha said...

I miss you...but am so inspired and envious of your travels. What an amazing journey. God bless!