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I wasn't born here...

...but I got here as fast as I could! (Texan saying...transplanted Texan, that is)

Because I only go home to see family once a year, and because I have never written a top list, and because Eva will approve:

Top 11 Things I Love About Coming Home to Texas (in no particular order)

1. At 6pm in January it's a balmy 70 degrees.
2. I eat with the 'rents at Taco Cabana, where I proceed to split a margarita with Mom, and it's everything summery and cold and amazing.
3. "Uncle" Dave and "Aunt" Kathi come over "just for 10 minutes," and they leave over an hour later.
4. I wake up each morning to more sunshine than I have seen all winter in MN...
5. ...and it was 82 degrees today.
6. My mama's noble goal is to try all the BBQ places in Texas. Today it was Pappa's Barbeque, and it was probably the best BBQ I've ever had. That is, until we go somewhere else next week.
7. Two parakeets and two cats coexist in the Nelson household, proof that my mama can at times suspend immutable laws of nature.
8. I went shopping in the pantry for more tea--not quite enough to prompt war with England, but enough to keep me fully caffeinated for at least a year (as if I were running out of tea at home, ha!).
9. Cajun food from Boudreaux sometime next week: gumbo, po' boys, or catfish with fried okra.
10. True Texans drop their "H's," for example, "I'm goin' 'ome to 'ouston."
11. Even though I only lived here for a scant three months one summer, it still feels like home because my parents live here.

I promise I will blog on 'ope, but it will 'ave to be next week sometime.


Eva Joy said...

Yes! I DO approve!!! What a great list!

This totally made my night.

Glad you got their safely. Sounds like it has already been great and you've only been gone 1.5 days!

Amanda said...

LOL! Love it... if only I really liked Texas!

Rudy said...

That's fantastic, Lindsay!! I love it!

I love the warm weather myself. I spend a lot of time in Florida, but were I to move south someday I think I would take Texas over Florida. I have been to Texas several times and I fell in love with Dallas. If I were to leave MN that will be one of the first places I would consider.