The thoughts of a woman trying to live simply yet abundantly, contentedly yet expectantly, wisely yet adventurously... all for His glory.


when it is dark enough, you can see the stars (Persian proverb)

Three Cups of Tea is a book that I savored over my own cups of tea the last two days in the hours between working and sleeping.

How simple is this world I live in, and yet how complex. On the surface the book is about education, how to lift families out of poverty, and about the power that women have to change their communities--if they are allowed. Yet on another level the book is about what it means to be truly human, to deeply love others (despite lacking a personal relationship with the God of the universe which so often inspires such love), and about how the hope of something better is the ground in which real change blooms in the human heart.

Thanks to the kindness of a friend, I have also been reading a book entitled something resembling Making Decisions by the Book, with "the Book" literally meaning the Bible. My main lesson learned so far is how much extraordinary freedom God has given his people regarding decisions in life. Despite all I have previously heard about free will, I have been laboring under the idea that I want to choose the path that God wants me to choose--as if there was only one right path, and that God was going to mystically guide me onto it through various circumstances and gut feelings (sentiments such as "God opened the door" and "I really feel a sense of peace" come to mind here).

Oh how simple, and how complex. Here I am peering at the rest of my life’s journey, trying to discern through the fog some landmarks to start me down the "right" road. I really would like a road map, please.

A map might save me from the indefinable pulls I feel in my heart and mind towards intangible ideas such as "education," "health," "international development," "a master’s degree in public health." A map would, perhaps, point me directly down one path or another and spare me this internal struggle. And yet I can see that the map is only created as I travel and not ahead of me. Places I have not yet been cannot be mapped, except by One who in His wisdom chooses not to despite knowing both the destination and the journey.

I’m not afraid, exactly. What I am is unsure and perhaps, in truth, a little wary of the choices ahead. I want so much to do things the "right" way the first time around. What if there are no second chances?

At the end of the day I am slowly learning that I need much prayer--not asking God to show me specifically which way to go, but rather asking for the wisdom to make choices in my life that are honoring to Him.

Here’s to the grand adventure unfolding even now...